Virtual Training Workshop | Grant Applications: Writing a Competitive Research Proposal | 29 - 30 October | 09:00-13:00 (GMT)

This Grant Writing Workshop provides researchers with guidance focusing on the process, structure, and skills for professional proposal writing. In this workshop, participants will learn the key principles underpinning the proposal writing process and complete the session with a thorough understanding of the structure of the proposed model, and the essential elements required for a successful research proposal. The workshop takes a stepwise approach to developing research ideas into competitive proposals for grant applications and other funding opportunities. The session instruction will be provided in English and supporting materials in English.

Join the event discussion group to connect with other delegates. 

Learning Objectives

Following the session, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the general process for writing research proposals and grant applications
  • List the key components of a grant proposal
  • Describe the various roles of the team in developing a grant proposal
  • List key grant evaluation criteria
  • Define and create a ‘problem statement’
  • Develop clear goals and measurable objectives
  • Differentiate between various research methods and define various parts of the methods section
  • Consider how to create realistic timelines
  • Understand the structure of a proposal budget
  • List major components of a project budget
  • Understand common mistakes to avoid in proposal writing
  • Share in the value of ‘top tips’ for submitting successful proposals to funding agencies locally and internationally

Certificates of Attendance

Certificates of Attendance will be available. To be eligible for one you must register in Zoom (even if you are joining from a classroom); You must attend for at least 80% of the workshop; You must complete the workshop evaluation. 

Your Certificate of Attendance will automatically be emailed to you once we have confirmed that you have met the above requirements.

Please refer to The Global Health Network's certificates policy for more information.

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