Training by research

This site encompasses the training and capacity building effort in ALERRT to form the 'training by research' component.  We will seek to enhance and maintain the operational research capacity and quality of the network, by developing and implementing a tailored training and capacity development programme, and a ‘community of practice’. 

Targeted training and capacity development, ensures data quality, high research standards and practices within this consortia.

We will seek to provide a longer-term resource that will sustain beyond this programme and deliver impact to other researchers outside of our immediate partnership.

Community of Practice

The ‘Community of Practice’ concept draws on a group of experts who work together to solve common problems.  By establishing a Community of Practice we will effectively link ALERRT research sites and staff. 

This model has been applied within the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) Networks of Excellence (NoEs) and is highly effective, motivational and sustainable in the long term. 

It has been further developed by The Global Health Network's Regional Faculty Programme and was recently funded by the EU to support REDe, the research capacity network for preparedness in Latin America, as part of the three EU-funded ZIKA-consortium.

We will build on these efforts using the same approaches and leadership team.

Training and capacity development programme

The network will determine, through an analysis of knowledge gaps, key gaps in clinical / health and laboratory research capacity, in sub-Saharan Africa, and then determine the best way to fill these gaps through training and other capacity building activities.  This process will be referred to as the Knowledge Gap Analysis.