ALERRT is structured into seven Work Packages (WPs), divided over two interactive programmes which together are designed to deliver the ambitions of ALERRT:

A. Platforms for Research, Preparedness, and Response (PRPR), which contains the research driven activities in WPs 1-3:

  • WP1: Clinical Research Platform
  • WP2: Laboratory Research Platform
  • WP3: ICT & Data Management

B. Impact and Operational Readiness Program (IOR), which contains the activities to ensure the operational readiness of the network and the translation of outputs into policies, practices and improved health (WPs 4-6):

  • WP4: Operational Readiness & Resilience
  • WP5: Training and Capacity Building
  • WP6: Impact

WP7 Coordination & Management completes the seven WPs of ALERRT and crosscuts all other 6 WPs.

Please use the tabs above to explore the updates and progress made by each of the work packages!