Aim: To enhance and maintain the operational research capacity of the ALERRT network by developing and implementing a training and capacity development programme.



April 2021

Next skills-sharing workshop will be in partnership between PANDORA and ALERRT, focusing on “Implementation of Novel Diagnostics for Emerging Infectious Diseases”, this workshop will run from 19th - 20th May, 2021.

February 2021

Research Skills Training Curriculum

The study for developing an evidence-led Essential Research Skills Training Curriculum concluded with a WHO-TDR Implementation Workshop (N=122) on 10th February 2021. Final validated curriculum is composed of a total of 13 keymodules.

January 2021

To date, 2,629 registered members have joined the ALERRT Hub, contributing to and strengthening this community of practice. With over 19,600 visits to the Hub, a further 4,111 users have accessed the hub from across 135 countries, with significant uptake from countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Heat Map to illustrate visits to the ALERRT platform 2018-2020

December 2020


A series of four interactive virtual workshops were hosted across Year 3 which were skills-based, case-study focused, and discussion-led. These sessions were all free and open to all researchers and site study teams, and hosted jointly in close collaboration with PANDORA-ID-NET and the EDCTP Networks of Excellence, with a total of 2,529 registrations for this workshop series. The recordings and resources generated by these Workshop sessions, are now publicly available on the Hub.

Research Skills Training Curriculum

In the final stage of the study for developing an evidence-led Essential Research Skills Training Curriculum a Stakeholder Review Meeting (n=42) was hosted in partnership with WHO-TDR on 17th December 2020.

November 2020


The approved suite of ‘Africa-ready’ core documents to support wider sites with the set-up and implementation of the ALERRT Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) were made available on the ALERRT Hub.

September 2020

To support research teams and sites with the implementation of the Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) Global, a series of 5 video tutorials were designed detailing the overview, key steps and principal considerations for setup and conduct of the CCP study.

August 2020

The extension of the Twinning programme into Year 3 was impeded by COVID-19 with restrictions on travel, social distancing and local regulations.

June 2020

The Hub Coordinators for East Africa and Central Africa also enrolled as investigational sites for the ALERRT Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) observational study, building on and strengthening the research portfolio and skill base across the ALERRT consortium.


May 2020

WP5 hosted a webinar on the 24th April, 2020, aiming to highlight the current research gaps, challenges and opportunities for implementing COVID studies for Francophone countries across Sub-Saharan Africa. This session “Atelier virtuel COVID-19 pour les pays francophones” was recorded and the playback is available through the platform.

A report from the Webinar is also available to download.