People must sign up to ALERRT, or The Global Health Network if they wish to perform certain tasks such as:

  • Writing/commenting on discussion fora, blogs, or articles,
  • Submitting new articles,
  • Participate in any eLearning courses, submit their profile for the Professional Membership Scheme, etc.

Membership is free; members sign up as an individual rather than site/hospital. 

To register or sign in, users click the top menu bar

Simply enter your email address and create a password in the relevant fields.

You can become a member of one site, or as many sites as you like that are also hosted on The Global Health Network, e.g. Global Health Data Management.

To become a member of other sites, users simply click the drop-down menu ‘I am interested in the following sites’ which will produce a list of other sites within the Network and enable you to sign up to any that interest you.