Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) - Malawi

In an effort to contribute to the global research efforts into COVID-19, a team based at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi are participating in the ISARIC/ALERRT Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) observational study. This protocol seeks to support a rapid, coordinated clinical investigation of confirmed cases of COVID-19. The team have adapted and modified the protocol to fit the nature and resources of their setting and received ethical approval from their local review board. The study is underway, with patients already successfully enrolled at their site.

What is vital at this time, is to provide SOP’s and study materials that can be accessed and used by teams to support high-quality, rapid implementation of these critical COVID-19 studies in various settings. We know the true power of active sharing and the impact it can have to raise standards and speed up research.

Therefore, the team in Malawi have generously provided access to the SOP's and documentation they have developed to support the CCP study at their sites.

If you wish to share your own resources or wish to ask any questions to the team about the Malawi resources presented below, please contact us at