The tools and strategies used to manage public health emergency operations in laboratories and centres during ’peace time’ may need to be adjusted significantly in an emergency response situation. The capability to undertake such adjustments needs to be developed accordingly. This session will introduce and elaborate on some novel strategies to improve molecular diagnosis, including the co-primer technology and platform for real-time PCR diagnosis, as well as the suitcase lab for rapid detection and sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in low resource settings. 

Amongst other approaches, these tools are considered appropriate for Laboratory Systems Strengthening for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases across Africa during the pandemic, especially now with the deployment of vaccine programmes throughout the continent.


Learning Objectives

  • An overview of the RT-PCR technology, infrastructure, equipment and capacity in Africa
  • Understanding of how the Co-primer technology can facilitate RT-PCR capacity strengthening in Africa in addressing some of the challenges of current methods.
  • Insight into the deployment, user-friendliness and next steps concerning the development of infectious disease solutions employing the Co-primer technology.