During infectious disease outbreaks, and epidemics such as COVID-19, there is a moral imperative for ethically and scientifically rigorous clinical research.  This workshop will inform participants about some of the ethical challenges in conducting this research. We will cover 5 broad topics:

  • Ethics of research in vulnerable populations
  • Community and stakeholder engagement 
  • Informed consent in epidemic research
  • Biobanking during epidemics
  • Ethics review during epidemics

The workshop will be broken down into these topics in two 4-hour sessions over the two days. Teaching will be a combination of presentations and Q&A discussions.

Join the discussion group to start connecting and sharing with other delegates. 

Click here to view our ethics hub page, which has links to relevant papers that will help you prepare for the workshop.

Certificates of Attendance will be available. To be eligible for one you must register in Zoom (even if you are joining from a classroom); You must attend for at least 80% of the workshop; You must complete the workshop evaluation. 

Your Certificate of Attendance will be emailed to you within one month of the workshop once we have confirmed that you have met the above requirements.

Please refer to The Global Health Network's certificates policy for more information.

Recordings of the workshops

Day 1

Day 2